Live animals

Economically GST is the backbone for any country which is implemented GST rates for different types of goods and services. Here we are going to explain the products related to GST and GST rates belong to the related products. In this page find the GST description and GST rates including state GST, central GST and interstate GST OF Live Animals. Live Animals such as sheep, goats, mule (male donkey), bovine, swine, hinnies, hens, ducks, chicks and fowls. Live Horses, Asses, Mules and Hinnies: pure-bred breeding horses and other horses for polo, Pure bred breeding asses and livestock. mules and hinnies as livestock. Live bovine animals: Cattle: pure bred breeding cattle, Bulls, Cows, other bulls including calves, Buffalo: pure bred breeding buffalo. Line swine: pure bred breeding swine, other swine weighing less than 50 kg. Live sheep and goats: sheep including lamb for breeding purpose and goats. Live poultry: that is to say, fowls of the species Gallus domesticus, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls weighing not more than 185 kg. Other Live animals: mammals, dolphins and porpoises; manatees and dugongs; sea lions and walruses; camels and other camelids; rabbits and hares. Primates, whales, bees

Tariff Item Description of goods GST Rates
Central CGST State/UT SGST/UTGST Interstate IGST Compensation cess
0101 Live asses, mules and hinnies Nil Nil Nil Nil
0102 Live bovine animals Nil Nil Nil Nil
0103 Live swine Nil Nil Nil Nil
0104 Live sheep and goats Nil Nil Nil Nil
0105 Live poultry, that is fowls of the species hens, turkeys, ducks, chicks, geese and guinea fowls Nil Nil Nil Nil
0106 Other live animal such as mammals, birds, insects Nil Nil Nil Nil
01012100 Live horses 6% 6% 6% Nil